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<p>Capcom and Beeline say they will change the hyper sexualised female Ghostbusters in match-three RPG Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter, in response to feedback from the community.</p><p>A representative from Capcom told Pocket Gamer, "we will be revising the character art with more modest Ghostbusting appropriate attire."</p><p>Right now, almost all the female characters in the game have giant pornstar tits and revealing outfits, while the male heroes fight in baggy 'bustin overalls. Even Gozer - a rather androgynous character in the film - is rocking double Ds.</p><p>Capcom says the game is "in soft launch and many features are subject to change. We appreciate the valuable feedback and we hope to use this information to produce a game that fans worldwide will enjoy."</p>Check out our video preview of the game, here..

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