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<p>Take Cover is an upcoming strategy game that gives 'wacky' a new meaning. Coming to iOS and Android later this month, Gamajun Games has soft-launched the game in France.</p><p>If you're anything like me, you'll watch the trailer below and not know what on earth is going on. There's a tea set, a chicken, some warheads, and a bunch of stuff that looks like it shouldn't go together – yet somehow it does.</p><p>Take Cover is a game built on choosing the correct strategy to lead you to victory. You have to build your base, deploy your soldiers, and provide the correct cover for your troops at the right time. Choose to fight a single campaign, or go head-to-head against enemy players to see who'll come out top dog.</p><p>The game is so far due for release on August 24th on iOS, though it appears to be out on Android here. Pre-register for the game on their website.</p>.

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