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1、�O cleft effect! cold modesty, hot wrath,

2、&#;World Flipper (Support Chinese)Our mere anticipations of life outrun its realities.

3、<p>In Burn It Down, you are a man searching for his love in what must be the most dangerous mansion ever built.</p><p>It's the next game from Tapinator, creator of Balance of the Shaolin, and its follow-up, Endless Balance. Burn It Down is nothing like those two previous games.</p><p>It's a black-and-white platformer that gives you an hour to navigate the deadly leaps and spiked floors of your home before, well, whatever it's counting down to happens.</p><p>There's a bit of a puzzle element to the platforming as you can only move left and right. There is no jump button. However, the character you control will jump automatically over gaps if he has enough speed.</p><p>This means that you spend most of your time working out how much of a run-up you need. Then you have to measure the timing of your run-up to avoid the up-and-down routines of spikes.</p><p>It continues this way, giving you less room for error as you attempt to safely pass through the level.</p>�


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3、&#;Then she went away, leaving Anne and Gilbert alone together with their dead.


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