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<p>Anyone could have predicted that horror games would work well on VR. When you're completely immersed in a virtual reality, it's easier than ever to have the bejesus spooked outta ya.</p><p>And A Chair in a Room does it well, using a thick and tense atmosphere, and a few jump scares, that will make you leave the Vive headset soggy with sweat. Ew.</p><p>The game knows when you're paying close attention to something in one corner of the room, and takes this as a perfect time to drop something into the other corner so you'll jump out of your skin when you turn around.</p><p>It shows a quite masterful grasp on how to scare the living day lights out of players.</p><p>Beyond the spooks, though, this game shows the VR potential of a game like The Room.</p><p>Here, you're trapped in a small room (if you don't have room scale VR, you can teleport about the space), and need to solve a series of puzzles to get back out.</p><p>This will see you finding keys and unlocking padlocks, rummaging through drawers and turning over boxes, and scanning the walls for suspicious picture frames.</p><p>It's even more tactile than those iOS puzzle games as you pick stuff up, hold it up to your (rapidly failing) torch, and lob the useless items over your shoulder.</p><p>I don't think I'd play this again anytime soon - I'd rather not die of a heart attack - but I'd definitely be interested in more escape the room puzzle games in VR.</p><p>The game's out on Steam.</p>.

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